Shlubby-Dubby, Be-Hatted, Slightly Dick-ish Glamourpuss

Just about 20 years ago, there were these girls called the supermodels.  Remember them?  Cindy, Claudia, Naomi, Christy, Linda, Helena?  The girls who didn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000?

That’s the look I’d like to go for these days.  I’d like to go for extravagance.  Unfortunately for me, my type of beauty was engineered for paucity.  I look good pared down, stripped bare, a bit of make up, simple clothes, pale skin and naked lips.  That’s me.  Unfortunately.

Even when the supermodels were doing ‘pared down,’ they were extravagantly gorgeous.  In my case, I have to be careful- if I pare down too much, I start to look like an oversized Dick from the Dick and Jane books.

Anyhow, this all neither here nor there.  I’ve given up that really high glamour dream.  What I’m doing these days, is pursuing a version of extravagant glamour that ‘works’ for me.  I’m trying to do hats.  I’m trying to pairing shlubby-dubby clothes with red lipstick and black eyeliner.  I will find the magic combination.  But it’s likely my experiments will yield a bit of tragedy in the meantime.

So, anyhow…

Last night I was getting ready for a dress swap by yanking clothes that I don’t want to wear anymore from my closet and throwing them in a large reusable bag.  Here’s what I threw into the bag- 2 dresses that I got for cheap but never wore because, after I chopped my hair off, they didn’t look quite right on me (perhaps too extravagant?); a wrap sweater that reminds me of my last year in uni; a romper that I bought thinking I would lose weight (and apparently height?)- never happened; a sundress that I bought second hand and shortened to a length that’s actually a little too short for me.  Tonight I will swap these items for clothing that I will try to work into my new shlubby-dubby, be-hatted, slightly Dick-ish glamourpuss style.

Extravagance, here I come.  Time for some George Michael.

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